Meet Markelle

Owner/Principal for Classy Inbound

All websites need content in order to succeed in today's digital marketplace. ClassyInbound helps businesses and marketing agencies with all of the following content marketing tasks:

  • Identify the type of content that will drive the most traffic to your website (video, blogs, resources, articles, white papers, social media content, etc.)
  • Drive website visitors to engage with your brand (fill out forms, follow your brand on social media, download content, click on videos, register for events, etc.)
  • Monitor Analytics data to plan and create content within your budget that will deliver the most ROI in the form of lead generation.

Our specialty lies in content strategy and audits, organizing and prioritizing campaign strategies and tasks within a project management system, creating content in all formats, and measuring results to help you guide future initiatives.  We're available for short-term in-house projects and long-term team initiatives. 

Classy Inbound | Digital Marketing

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