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It is the seemingly inconsequential moments that have impacted my life in the most lasting of ways. One example of this I always look back fondly on is from my childhood. When I was a young girl, I always thought I would eventually turn my love for coloring and hair styling into a career one day. I stepped into my high school guidance counselor’s office armed with a compelling argument and my never-back-down attitude and presented my case. When I finished, she gathered the papers on her desk then looked at me and said, “Have you ever considered becoming a lawyer instead?” That one question changed my life forever. I never looked back. For the next ten years, I pursued that goal.

Along the way, I learned life is not always a straight and simple path. I learned to navigate the major milestones of life while simultaneously chipping away at each small step of my plan to reach my goal. During the toughest parts of the journey, I reminded myself that I had made it this far, and despite what my imposter syndrome might want me to believe – I could survive the hard stuff. With each struggle there came a lesson, and eventually, an evolution. What I’ve learned is that change can be a good thing and showing compassion and empathy for both yourself and those around you is a game changer.

I attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. I was always intrigued by what motivated people to make certain choices, and minoring in psychology allowed me to explore the ways our brains are impacted by memories, traumas, childhood development and beyond. Through coursework and research, I learned that the way our brain develops, accompanied by experiences, is what motivates a person. Understanding this allows me to think critically and make better choices for myself, but more importantly it gives me insight to better understand my clients, where they are coming from, and how I can help them make better choices for themselves as well.

During my tenure at Cumberland School of Law I learned the most important aspect of practicing law is serving others. I participated in the Cumberland Innocence Clinic where I reviewed cases of those who had been wrongfully convicted. I believe that even when things seem to be at their worst, there is still hope – and sometimes that hope comes in the form of a lawyer. Whether helping underserved communities or families in crisis, my job is to provide hope, strength, and support, and I take that job very seriously.

My journey has shown me that I am resilient, caring, and capable of meeting people where they are even during the hardest moments of their lives. My goal is to ensure that my clients are confident and empowered in every step of their journey. Together we will work to make the best decisions – big and small – for your future.

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