Meet Jeneva

Owner/Attorney for La Strada Law

Most people don’t have a trusted family or business lawyer—someone they look to in proactively navigating decisions. But why not?

Being part of a family filled with small business entrepreneurs, I’ve seen that lawyers are frequently inaccessible to the “little guy” in town.  Solopreneurs, side hustlers, family-run businesses, young adults, unmarried professionals, and growing families are often invisible to most lawyers. Don’t real people, struggling with real everyday issues, deserve to have a trusted legal advisor too?

Seeing so many disappointing gaps in how most law firms operate— the lack of client centered service, transparency in cost, personalized inquiry and advice, true understanding of client goals— I decided I needed to build something new.

In creating La Strada Law, I’ve thrown out the “old school” way of doing things and built a “new school” practice. A practice focused on client-centered service, flexibility, transparency in legal fees with No Hourly Billing for planning services, honoring client goals, and building relationships with clients as a trusted advisor in life, legacy, and small business planning.  

La Strada Law | Attorney - Estate & Probate

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