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Clinic Director for Ability Chiropractic
Member of Waverly

Growing up in Okoboji, Iowa, I was all about athletics, particularly my passion for baseball. I was fortunate enough to pursue this dream at the collegiate level in Buena Vista University. My life was going as planned and then... I injured my lower back while squatting in the weight room.

I was where you likely are right now and was wondering if chiropractic could help me. I ended up going against the advice from my trainers to exclusively work with them and avoid seeking chiropractic care and made an appointment, which proved to be a life-changing decision. From a day where walking seemed impossible to returning to practice and playing at full capacity the next, my perspective shifted dramatically. Until this point, baseball was my life, but from that point forward, I only wanted to help more people experience the same profound realization of the healing potential they possess. I immediately applied to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. The next few years not only shaped my career but also introduced me to my incredible wife, who is also a chiropractor. Post-graduation, I packed my bags and headed to Fort Worth, Texas and then eventually settled in Charlotte where I'm proud to serve the Ballantyne community. Beyond the chiropractic world, I'm still that die-hard sports fan, with two boxers and a special place in my heart for the Minnesota Vikings.

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