CRG New Member Application

Please do not apply until you have visited the chapter at least one time. Once you apply, please be sure to continue to visit the chapter weekly until your application has been processed.

Each CRG chapter allows only one representative from each profession to avoid competition between members. Annual membership fee for CRG is $250.00. The Membership Committee reviews all applications and will notify you as soon as possible. You may attend CRG meetings while your application is in process.

Membership Application:

Contact Information:

Business Information:

Please Answer The Following Questions:

Business References:

Provide three references below. At least two of which must not be current CRG members.

CRG Expectations:

  • I commit to meeting attendance policy/attending regular weekly meetings.
  • I commit to doing one‐on‐one meetings with members monthly.
  • I affirm that I maintain the required licenses/certifications for my profession.
  • I agree to provide and receive referrals to and from CRG members.

CRG Code of Ethics:

  1. INTEGRITY: CRG values and seeks to preserve its reputation for integrity. Members are not permitted to achieve results at the cost or violation of laws or regulations or through dishonest dealings; each member shall conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and be honest and transparent in all professional and business relationships.
  2. COMMUNICATION: Members shall communicate with each other and follow up with prospective referrals in a timely manner.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY: Any information communicated by a member to another member or prospective referral shall be accurate and complete to the best of the member’s knowledge and members shall ensure the delivery of services at the prices and level of quality which they have quoted.
  4. PARTICIPATION: Each member shall attend chapter meetings on a regular basis in accordance with the Bylaws, be positive and supportive toward other members of CRG, and actively participate in their chapter(s), including without limitation volunteering as needed and remaining, at all times, committed to generating quality business referrals.
  5. COMPLIANCE: In addition to compliance with this Code of Ethics and the Bylaws of CRG, each member must maintain the highest standards of business ethics and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Member Indemnification Agreement:

I, , owner/member/employee/agent of the business known as , understand and agree that I will hold harmless and indemnify Carolinas Referral Group and all of its members from any liability, damages or responsibility related to any work I perform for clients referred to me as a result of my membership in Carolinas Referral Group.

I do hereby waive, release and forever discharge any and all rights and/or claims for damages that may occur out of or in any way connected with my being a member of Carolinas Referral Group.