Meet Timothy

Owner for Synergize Financial Group

I am an independent licensed Medicare broker that services the Greater Charlotte area. I help my clients navigate the complexities and confusion of all things Medicare. My goal is to educate my clients so they fully understand which plan is in their best interest. I can assist anyone that is eligible for Medicare with finding the best plan for their medical needs whether that is a Medicare Supplement with an accompanying Part D Prescription Drug Plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan. 

As an independent broker I am non-biased when it comes to carriers and plans meaning that I can truly help clients find the plan that is in their best interest. Additionally, I represent my clients not the insurance company in the event of a dispute. Lastly, I am a local resource for all of my clients that can answer questions or provide support instead of trying to contact someone at the insurance company. 

All of my services come at no cost to my clients. I am compensated by the insurance carriers, not the client.

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