Meet Stephanie

Owner for One Accord Hypnotherapy

The stressors from family, work, relationships and just every day life, has you feeling overwhelmed. You’re worrying all the time, losing sleep, feeling fatigue and at the blink of an eye, you lose your concentration and unknowingly, you may be self-sabotaging.

From my past personal experience and after spending over twenty years in the fitness industry seeing all of the challenges my clients struggled with, I understand the mental blocks we are faced with. Anxiety and fear can be the driving force that brings our lives to a screeching halt. We feel stuck, start to procrastinating and second guessing our decisions.

I want to see people take control of their life and succeed, so they can focus on the things that are important to them. My mission is to help people get healthy and fit mentally, using hypnotherapy to guide my clients from a state of feeling hopeless, to being optimistic and rising to unlimited possibilities. Seeing clients smiling, laughing, doing things they once thought was impossible and knowing their sleeping better or not experiencing anxiety attacks, is a wonderful feeling.

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