Meet Riley

Owner for Upper Cervical Carolinas
Member of Fort Mill

A speciality in chiropractic, upper cervical, allows UCC to adjust less, see you less, yet with making long lasting results.

We see babies all the way up to the elderly without twisting, popping, or cracking to help the heal from aches, pain, and organ issues!

We have a saying, "Not Your Typical Chiropractor" as once the top two bones are adjusted and the brain isn't congested you'll start to notice you are less irritable, not exhausted, without pain, and living a life at your optimal.

We constantly see many go down a bad health care route that has not listened to you, made you feel safe, or gave a template to better health.  

If you are looking for an office that listens, takes x-rays to pinpoint your issues, gives a plan to get better, and you are suffering, then please give us a call and book an appointment!

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