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Partner for Halford & Niemiec, LLP
Matthew Niemiec is a partner at the law firm Halford & Niemiec, LLP. He has been practicing law since January 2000. Matt and his partner, Cameron Halford, started their firm in 2006. Halford & Niemiec is a community law firm specializing in all types of legal matters, especially litigation and Real Estate law. It is their experience in real estate related litigation that make them stand out from other "closing" attorneys. They are often able to see signs of trouble with a real estate closing long before the matter causes a dispute to arise between the buyers and sellers. And when a dispute does arise, they have often been able to help resolve the conflict in a way satisfactory to all parties involved. This allows the sale and closing to move forward, and saves the buyers and sellers from unnecessarily spending time and money on a protracted and unrewarding lawsuit. Please consider using Halford and Niemiec for your real estate closings. Legal Solutions for Business and Life. Halford & Niemiec, LLP | Attorney - Real Estate

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