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Branch Manager for Cornerstone First Mortgage

Buying real estate can be stressful, and it's likely going to be the most expensive decision you're ever going to make. I'm Matthew Brady, your Carolina Mortgage Coach, and I help buyers execute smart home buying decisions. It is my job to protect your financial investment both in the short term and the long term. Through proper planning and strategy, we make sure you make the right mortgage choice out of the many options available. I like to give you several options, so you can make the best fit for you and your family and not the one I think is best for you.

If I earn the right to get help you finance your next home, I am setting you up with the biggest debt of your life. Unfortunately, that’s where most service ends with lenders. However, working with me as a certified mortgage advisor since I earned the right to get you into that debt it is my job to help you manage that debt…SUCCESSFULLY.

That is how my team and I are changing the mortgage business. By adopting what is called The Art of Homeownership into our business, and I’ll tell you why you should care. 

I am able to offer tools and resources to my network that are invaluable to homeowners at no cost to them! 

One of the major differences between our team and other mortgage professionals is that we help our clients to do more than just own a home. We help them become very successful homeowners! 

Simply owning a home means that you buy a home, live in it, pay for it, fix things when they break, and will do upgrades or renovations based on emotion. Very successful homeowners, however, understand all of the holistic real estate and financial responsibilities related to owning a home and they capitalize on them. 

Our team will help them accomplish this by ensuring you have six distinctly valuable services designed to help you now and for 30+ years. From our home concierge service to our perfect mortgage promise to their own monthly real estate wealth digest, the homeowner experience will be different to what they have ever experienced before

If you're looking for a lender that's going to protect your bottom line, look no further!.

Let me help you, as your Mortgage Coach, using my winning Home Buying strategy!

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