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Financial Advisor for Edward Jones
Member of Ballantyne

I'm a financial advisor primarily to a small group of business owners and professionals that are near or living in retirement and who aspire clarity and structure in their finances and in their lives.

I have established and refined process that helps put all the pieces of the financial puzzle together and helps provide protection, growth and longevity to the investment legacy of my clients.

The beauty of our process is that it insures we never lose sight of two essential elements to achieve financial independence: what Matters and what you can Control.

With a degree in finance and emphasis in investments and having earned the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™ or CRPC™ designation, I am here to support your moments — big and small — that define your life.

Together, let’s focus on what matters most to you so that you can achieve financial independence.

Give us a call to learn more about our process: 704-889-4350.

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