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Financial Advisor for Consolidated Planning, Park Avenue Securities

I do financial planning for women who are facing life's transitions--divorce, paying for kids' college expenses, saving for retirement, and caring for aging loved ones.  

I also work with business owners to grow their business in order to eventually sell their business and move on to their next chapter in life--whether that's retirement, or their next professional pursuit.  I help business owners provide the best possible benefits for their employees at the lowest possible cost--group life insurance, group disability insurance, group dental insurance, retirement plans and financial education.  I also help business owners protect their personal and business assets through buy/sell agreements, business continuity coverage, key employee retention plans and retirement and exit strategy planning.

Fiduciary, registered with FINRA as an Investment Adviser, licensed to sell health insurance, life insurance and long term care insurance in NC, SC, VA and FL.  

Consolidated Planning, Park Avenue Securities | Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

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