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Co-Owner/Designer for Ca-Jan Designs, LLC

Ca-Jan Designs, LLC



In following our lifelong love of gardening, sisters, Cathy Phelps and Janet Martini, founded Ca-Jan Designs in September 2018. We specialize in the on-site design of container gardens, indoor/outdoor planters, window boxes and centerpieces. We will visit your home or business to assess your location, help you determine your needs and select color schemes. Then we design, procure, and install your own new mini-garden, complete with care instructions. We will also design and deliver custom centerpieces and tabletop gardens. We work in the Greenville and York County, SC areas.

Contact us for your free estimate today: Cathy is located in Greenville, SC & Janet is located in York County, SC.

Email: Cajandesigns@gmail.com

Facebook/Instagram: @cajandesigns


Greenville area: 864-360-5206

York County area: 803-230-3069

Ca-Jan Designs, LLC | Container Gardening

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