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Estate Planning Attorney for Heritage Law Firm

The primary practice areas of Heritage Law Firm include Estate Planning and Estate Administration. Our greatest desire is to assist individuals and families obtain a unique, tailored estate plan in order to organize their fiscal affairs. Our mission is simple: "Your Life, Our Passion." We understand that you have worked too hard your entire life to lose everything towards the end. We want to help you preserve and protect your heritage and legacy for yourself and for future generations.

What are the most important documents to consider when planning: Revocable (or in some cases an irrevocable) Living Trust; Last Will and Testament; Durable Power of Attorney; Health Care Power of Attorney; and an Advanced Directive. These are the basics, but how to structure each one to individually fit your needs is just as important has having them to begin with. 

While we encourage everyone to work out their estate plan, not everyone does. This is why we also help individuals and families navigate though the cumbersome and complex probate process after losing a loved one. Often times, the process is overwhelming and too much for a grieving family to handle, so we take the stress away and make sure everything is handled in the most efficient way possible. 

Learn more about me here: https://www.heritage-legal.com/attorneys/

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