Meet Charles

Managing Partner for Body R&R, LLC

Created in 2018, Body R&R was birthed by Charles and Chantelle Respert, with a deep commitment to healthy and glowing skin. A serious accident Charles suffered left him with abrasions, cuts and several bruises. Chantelle wanted to soothe his wounds and heal his injuries naturally and safely. She created Body R&R in her kitchen, believing that his body could recover without harsh chemicals and lotions that dry out the skin. After applying Body R&R, he instantly noticed a difference in the appearance of his hands, feet, face and every place Body R&R was applied. We began using Body R&R and sharing it with family and friends. The testimonials after one use were overwhelming. It became our mission to create an all-natural, non-toxic skincare line safe for men, women and children to use everyday to help heal the skin naturally. We want our customers to be good to their bodies and love the skin they are in!

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