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Founder for CareerPathing
Member of South Park

I’ve won the top award in the U.S. at a Fortune 500 Co., and I’ve been fired. I’ve worn a uniform and delivered cookies to grocery stores, and I’ve been a SaaS CEO. I had the good fortune to manage entry level teams for 11 years followed by the privilege to serve for 20 years as a President/CEO of two companies. Those experiences taught me that it’s not a lack of mistakes and missteps that set leaders apart, but rather the difference is in how those inevitable challenges are handled.

I wish I had been given the opportunity to work under an experienced mentor or leadership coach, one who had a wealth of real-world experience. I can’t begin to count the number of mistakes I’ve made across the entire leadership spectrum and the number of years it took me to learn through trial and error. The right guide early in my career and later during my senior leadership transition would have accelerated growth and saved pain for me and the companies I worked for.

 I'm passionate about helping leaders learn and now run CareerPathing, a solo leadership coaching practice. 

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