Meet Amy

Owner/Founder for simpleNEWtrition

Amy Steinmetz knows the connection between nutrition and disease and how difficult it can be to keep pace with work, family, school, faith, and self-care - especially during a pandemic.  She brings awareness, education and support for better nutrition and active lifestyles including fun, daily workouts and chemical-free, vertical gardening. Simply put Amy's goal is to give others the freedom of time and health.

"My role is to simplify healthy living and bring awareness to health options, add value and build community. It's hard enough to consistently consume enough healthy foods EVERY day to stay healthy - much less if there's cold, allergies, high cholesterol or blood pressure, migraines, reduced energy, chronic inflammation or a challenging health issue. "

She is an I.S.S.A. accredited Transform30 Coach and a YMOVEMENT fitness coach. Her company simpleNEWtrition is part of a global wellness company and the worldwide Healthy Living Revolution.

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