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As the founder of the She Can Foundation, Inc. Alicia brings over 15 years of operational expertise and managing businesses grossing more than $20 million a year to the table. Having attended Pace University in New York City studying Business Management, Alicia quickly turned to entrepreneurship by helping to guide and manage the careers of Carol Maraj, mother of Nicki Minaj and LaTavia Roberson, former Destiny’s Child member. 

As a successful entrepreneur and mentee of Sara Starkweather, Alicia has been able to create lasting relationships in different industries, including retail. Alicia has worked for big box retailers such as TJX, Burlington and The Limited Brands eventually being hired on as an Operations Manager to help various stores “Get Back to Basics” in turn, increasing their profit margin. 

The She Can Foundation, Inc stems from Alicia’s “Go For It” attitude towards achieving your own happiness, because if you can do it, I can do it and she can too! That said, happiness can be from school, working your way up the corporate ladder or even entrepreneurship. The She Can Foundation is here to help women empower, create and withstand anything by helping each other.

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